Saturday, October 22, 2016

Shakespeare May Boost Autism Social Skills

New research suggests that reciting Shakespeare and participating in other drama exercises can make a big difference for kids with autism. Read More >

Employer Makes Bold Gamble On Inclusion

A small recycling plant is offering a middle ground between sheltered workshops and full integration, paying workers with disabilities at least minimum wage while offering supports. Read More >

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Five Bonding Tips for Fathers and their Child with Special Needs

A father’s role in a special needs family is crucial. Not only are they a component of the family’s financial security, but fathers also play a vital, foundational role in the mental and physical development of their children with special needs. Dads offer a uniquely male style of play and interaction with their children and, especially for kids with special needs, it empowers and encourages them in very special ways. Like other kids, those with special needs thrive when they have access to both strong female and male role models.  Read in browser »