Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Technology to Assist with Learning

Q&A  3-D Printing in Education: Building New Pathways for Learning
Based on the 3-D Printing in Education webinar, presented by Dr. Lisa Wadors Verne of BeneTech Global Literacy, this Q&A provides educators and parents with basic information on 3D printing and advantages of using 3D printing with students with cognitive and physical disabilities.  Read now...

Q&A - Notetaking Technologies for Middle School, High School, College, and Beyond
This informative resource is a Q&A  based on key issues discussed in the webinar presented by  AT Consultant Shelley Haven.   Read now...

Monday, June 27, 2016

Feds Allocate Millions For Special Ed Training

With an eye toward increasing the number of school professionals prepared to serve kids with disabilities, federal officials are doling out millions of dollars to enhance training programs.

Community Living Skeptics Often Have Change Of Heart

Despite initial opposition, a new study suggests that many families of those with disabilities required to transition from institutions to community living are ultimately pleased.