Thursday, December 1, 2016

Videos for Teaching Tacting (Labeling) Actions

In this blog post, you'll find a series of videos with embedded prompts to help children learn to label (tact) action words, such as jumping, sitting, eating, etc. Each video shows a different action. You will show each video to the child, and have him or her label the action in shown in the video. Find the videos here.

AT On the Fly with Twist Ties!

Posted by Trish Floyd on 21 November, 2016

You’ve probably seen an industrial foam coated twist tie before, and maybe even used one yourself to secure equipment in your garage, or keep a long cord organized and in place. But did you know those same little twist ties are often used to help people with disabilities adapt everyday items?   Continue Reading...

5 Ways Inclusive Classrooms Are Different from Self-Contained Classrooms

Are you the parent of a student with disabilities in the public school system? If so, it’s likely that your child is educated in either a self-contained or an inclusive setting. It’s important to know the difference between self-contained classrooms and inclusive classrooms, and why it matters. Families can help schools identify which educational setting works best for their child. They can also expect schools to provide the most appropriate education possible. Self-Contained Classrooms Self-contained classrooms were established decades ago when students with disabilities were first placed in the public school system. Prior to self-contained classrooms, most children with disabilities were educated in separate facilities…. Read in browser »