Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Employer Best Practices in Recruitment & Hiring

This sounds like an interesting session. While there is a small cost ($25), a number of people could go together to set up a site. Or perhaps a business would be interested in setting this up for their staff and the public.

On May 20, 08 the Regional Network of ADA Centers will have an ADA Audio Conference Series Program titled: Employer Best Practices: Recruitment and Hiring of People with Disabilities. This program will feature Deb Russell, Manager, Career Outreach Department, Walgreens Company and Jennifer Linnabary, Employment Coordinator, Cincinnati Children's Hospital. They will highlight the best practices learned by the Walgreen Company and Cincinnati Children's Hospital in regards to the recruitment and hiring of people with disabilities. Participants will learn what it took within these organizations to mobilize administration, management as well as all employees in support of this effort and the benefits that they have realized as a result. Strategies and common sense approaches will be discussed. Both Walgreen's and Cincinnati Children's Hospital have become models in the business community for embracing people with disabilities as part of their diverse workforce. Method: Teleconference, Streaming Audio on the Internet or Real-time Captioning on the Internet Cost: $25.00 per site For more information go to www.ada-audio.org

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