Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Technology Handbook

Most of us are not satisfied with a phone that just makes phone calls or a computer that types letters anymore.  We want computers or phones to help us build on personal goals or group goals.  Before you can decide what you want the technology to help you with, you might like to understand how things work & what is possible. The My Technology Handbook will help you understand the very basic words or terms to prepare you for the discussion about what you need.  It answers questions that most of us who are new or just learning about technology ask.  This Handbook uses easy to understand directions & step by step pictures to teach these skills.  It was written by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.  You can learn how to find the right computer, tablet, smart phone, apps & programs that will work best for you. Also, you can learn how to stay safe when using the computer, security options & how to use the internet.  Then we have social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Skype) Blogging, Vlogging, Conference Calls, GoToMeeting & Webinars.   http://www.sabeusa.org/?s=my+technology+handbook

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