Sunday, November 6, 2016

Make the shift from homework horror Time to peaceful learning moments with the family (or at least head in that direction)

Homework time can be very challenging in some homes. Personally, my two kids could not be more different on the issue of homework. My youngest will come home and start homework without being prompted. She completes what she needs to do, studies even when she already knows the material and the test is a few days away, and is running up to me to sign her homework sheet before I’ve even settled in. Her independence with her homework is a huge blessing, because it often takes all the mental and emotional energy I have left from the day to get my oldest through his homework. He is perfectly capable of doing the work, but he does not want to be bothered from his own agenda to do math worksheets, read, or study. Getting him to do the bare minimum had been a struggle almost every single day for a long time. While, it has gotten better over the years, it’s still generally a struggle.

I’m thankful that we have learned some tricks over the years to minimize the blowups, but homework time is not perfect harmony in my house every day for sure. I’m not alone in this. Many children have stress over homework because it is challenging and there is a lot of frustration for various reasons. I have talked to many parents who feel frustrated and overwhelmed with how to help during homework time. The following are some ways that have eased tension.

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