Sunday, March 12, 2017

A new “Gizmo” for people who may wander, and it’s available from Verizon!

Are you looking for a GPS device that will assist someone who has Alzheimer’s, autism, or a tramatic brain injury that will work also as a phone? The GizmoPal 2 watch from Verizon might be a possible solution.
I met a woman at the State Capitol’s Disabilities Day who had purchased the GizmoPal 2 watch for her son who has a disability and her granddaughter. She could not say enough about this product which gives her peace of mind locating and being able to talk with her son and granddaughter. This device is available from Verizon at $79 and a monthly charge of $5 if you have Verizon contract.
This product looks like a watch for kids; it comes in pink or teal but you can purchase other colored bands for extra fee. It is marketed to parents who don’t want their child to have a cell phone but want to be able to get in touch with the child. A parent/guardian can program up to 4 numbers the wearer can call and only those 4 numbers can call the one wearing the GizmoPal 2. It seems to be easy for the parent/guardian to set up the app on their phone and program in the numbers. The app is compatible with smartphones using Android™ 4.0 or higher and iOS 7 or higher.

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