Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fidget Cube: Small in Size, Big on Benefits

Do you or someone you know bite their nails, click their pens, twirl their hair, or jangle their keys?  Most of us do it, fidgeting is a common characteristic in all ages.  Fidgeting can include small movements of the hands when one becomes nervous, bored or impatient.

A small little device they call the Fidget Cube has been designed to keep fidgety hands occupied!  The Fidget Cube aims to satisfy any urges to click, roll, spin, and other common fidgeting habits.  This cube is small and compact, making it discreet and easy to accommodate in any setting.  With the Fidget Cube being small, it can fit in most pockets making it easy to bring with and use in any situation from the classroom to the board room.   http://ndipat.org/blog/fidget-cube-small-in-size-big-on-benefits-2/ 

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